What If Captain America Wasn't White OR Black...

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Captain America is a white guy, right? Most of the time, yes, he is. But what does it say about the character — or more importantly America itself — when someone who doesn't fit the tradition puts on the uniform?


That's the question asked by Vishavjit Singh — a Sikh — in his short film Red, White & Beard. Dressing up as Captain America, Singh walks around New York City documenting people's responses to his portrayal of the most American of comic book characters, and what those responses say about their own ideas about comics, movies and more importantly, America itself.

It's not one of those bullshit viral movies where he tries to trigger (or stage) something outrageous. Instead, Singh simply asks people on the street some questions, both about himself and Captain America. Many of them give pretty cool responses. Others are from Alabama.

A note: I actually interviewed Singh last year for mine and Brian's cosplay book, if you ever wanted to read up a little more on his Captain America performances.



Others are from Alabama.

Remember, folks, it's perfectly okay to make sweeping generalizations about people from the South in your article about questioning commonly held prejudices.