Since Mass Effect 2's newest piece of downloadable content, Kasumi - Stolen Memory, deals with crime in the art world, we're left wondering who was behind this, surely the galaxy's most well-endowed art heist?

After the Mona Lisa's dour face, art's most memorable piece of human anatomy is probably the junk found on Michelangelo's David. It's just...out there. There's even a Simpsons episode devoted to it.

Well, and this isn't really a spoiler, David turns up in Mass Effect 2, during a new downloadable mission involving Kasumi Goto, the newest member of Commander Shepard's crew. With the game being set in 2183, he's looking a little worse for wear. There are large cracks on his face and torso, he's missing an arm, a leg and...something else.

Yes, his junk. In the intervening decades David's most famous asset has been lost. Actually, scratch that, it looks like it's been clawed off in a fit of rage. Leaving us to wonder: have BioWare and/or EA engaged in a spot of artistic self-censorship? Or is this a spot of visual story-telling, hinting at some dire future Earth, where not only is the Italian government incapable of ensuring David's well-being, but future Florence is crawling with master art thieves.

Thieves with large hammers. And somewhere to to stash a giant marble ballsack.