I've done it. You've done it. We've all done it. Just about every person who has ever played a video game has stayed up too late gaming and has nodded off, controller in hand.

The princess is in another cazzzzzzzz

You were almost a Jill sandwizzzzzzz

War. War never zzzzzzzzzz

All your base are belonzzzzzzzzz

Over at Geek.com, they've asked their editors which games they've fallen asleep playing. The list includes Broken Sword, Journey (for shame!), Final Fantasy XIII, Alan Wake, LA Noire, Final Fantasy VIII, Bioshock 2 (surprising!) and Minecraft.

Clearly the outliers here are Alan Wake and Bioshock 2. The other games are slower paced, and they are more peaceful in general. For example Broken Sword is a point-and-click adventure game that I love, but it can be slow at times. I fell asleep playing it on my Nintendo DS while on a roadtrip - I dropped the stylus and woke up about 20 minutes later wondering if I was really enjoying the game as much as I thought I was.


For my part, current "nodding off" games include Skyrim, Persona 3, and Minecraft. I also have some strong memories of catching some zz's while playing Final Fantasy VII last year. However, I really like all of those games!

I think the science may be a little flawed on this (super scientific) study—or at least, sleep-inducingness shouldn't really be linked to how much you're enjoying a certain game. After all, the games that I'm likely to fall asleep playing are the ones that I play into the deep hours of the night. Those are the games I like most, else I wouldn't be playing them at 3AM.

But it's still a fun thing to ponder. What games put you to sleep?

Games We've Fallen Asleep Playing [Geek.com]

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