What Excites Japanese Gamers About the Xbox One

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From a rocky start to now, with over 5 million units sold, the Xbox One seems to have found its footing. Next stop, Japan. But how will Microsoft's black monolithic hope fare in a market where its predecessors haven't exactly enjoyed the lion's share?


Following the September 4th Japanese release date announcement, Japanese gaming mag Weekly Famitsu asked its readers for what they thought of the Xbox One. Here are the results and some reader opinions.

Note: The actual number of valid responses was not released.

Question 1: Do you want an Xbox One?

Yes: 59.7%

"[The Xbox One] has a future, not just as a game console." (Male, age 34)

"I'm getting it for Titanfall." (Male, age 32)

"I'm looking forward to how the game console will fuse with the TV and other entertainment services in Japan." (Male, age 24)


"I like how I can share my Xbox Live account with my Xbox 360. I also can't wait to see Microsoft's plans for the Japanese market." (Male, age unknown)

No: 27.4%

"I'm worried if Microsoft will offer games and services geared for a Japanese audience." (Male, age 24)

"The Kinect is appealing, but getting a proper environment to use it in seems a pain." (Male, age 48)

Undecided: 12.9%

"I'll make my decision depending on the title lineup." (Male, age 25)

"They still haven't announced the price, the title lineup, or other strategies." (Male, age unkown)


Question 2: Do you plan on buying an Xbox One?

Yes – On launch day: 30.7%

"It's coming out later than other countries, so there should be a lot more simultaneous title releases." (Male, age 22)


"I want to unlock as many achievements as I can." (Male, age 20)

"It's the best console for online gaming." (Male, age 42)

Yes – Eventually: 31.1%

"I'll make my decision after they announce the price." (Male, age 41)

"I plan on getting one after there are more Kinect games." (Male, age unknown)

No: 38.2%

"I want to see Microsoft take a position that will reassure Japanese consumers, instead of titles and services focused primarily overseas." (Male, age 30)


Question 3: What function or aspect of the Xbox One do you find appealing?

1. High quality graphics and processing power: 393 votes

2. The new Kinect: 260 votes

3. Multi-tasking through multiple operating systems: 235 votes

4. Cloud services: 206 votes

5. Coordination with TVs through HDMI: 171 votes

6. Indie games: 154 votes

7. More detailed achievements: 125 votes

8. Coordination with tablets through Xbox Smart Glass: 124 votes

9. Coordination with social networks like Skype and Facebook: 112 votes

10. Video and music content: 85 votes

"I'm looking forward to the increased vocal recognition and motion recognition of the new Kinect." (Male, age 34)


"I think the multi-OS system is spectacular. I expect long hours of gameplay, so a smooth and responsive interface is very important." (Male, age 40)

"I think things like coordination with other Microsoft OS platforms such as Windows PCs and tablets, and plentiful other content is very appealing." (Male, age 36)


"I really want to try out the new functions that have never been seen before. The coordination with other platforms and multi-tasking of apps especially show a great deal of potential." (Male, age 35)

Question 4: What Xbox One title do you want right now?

1. Titanfall:238 votes

2. Dead Rising 3:188 votes

3. Halo on Xbox One:124 votes

4. Forza Motorsport 5:108 votes

5. Crimson Dragon: 47 votes

6. Quantum Break: 45 votes

7. Watch Dogs: 39 votes

8. Final Fantasy XV: 39 votes

9. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain: 39 votes

10. Kingdom Hearts III: 33 votes

11. The Evil Within: 33 votes

There's no doubt that the Xbox One faces an uphill battle in Japan, but things aren't all doom and gloom. While they may not be the majority, a faithful group of fans are anxiously awaiting the console's arrival. Let's hope it fares better than its predecessors.


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I like the Xbox One... or at least the ideas behind it.

I'm lazy, but I like to do a number of things at once (quite contradictory, I know), like watching something, browsing the internet, or playing games and watching some TV. The multitasking elements and the voice recognition are something interesting for me.

I also like the idea of Kinect. I like the potential of what could be done. Sure, it's been around a while, but the potential is still there until it has been fully realized.

People like to slam the Xbox One because... well, usually it's because they have some personal issues (outside of some rational justification), but I'm glad Microsoft are still in the console game, and they still pushed Kinect. It keeps things interesting.