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What Ever Happened To This Part of Mass Effect 3's Leaked Script?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last November, the Internet obtained a copy of the script to Mass Effect 3, the popular sci-fi role-playing game that came out earlier this month.


Developer BioWare said the script was out of date, but much of it is true to the game—including the controversial ending.


But as tipster Chris showed me today, one significant part of the story might have hit the cutting room floor.

Warning: The following contains some slight spoilers for Mass Effect 3:

While on the Citadel space station, you can meet with Aria, a displaced mercenary who has lost her base, Omega, to Cerberus forces. Although you can earn help from many of her mercenary brethren, you can't visit or make any attempt to recapture Omega. When the game ends, her story seems unresolved.

The leaked script is hard to read, as it's a dumped text file with very little context or explanation. But some of the dialogue lines suggest that a mission to retake Omega may have been cut from the final version of Mass Effect 3.

Here are some lines in the leaked script that don't appear in the game:

The plan to reclaim Omega is taking shape.

Since we took back Omega, I've been consolidating my resources for the war. It's a little easier to coordinate from here.

How's the rebuilding going on Omega?

Why did BioWare cut this section? Will they revive it for future downloadable content? Or was it removed for other reasons?


I reached out to BioWare, who said they don't comment on speculation.

(Thanks, Chris!)