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Greetings, Kotaku readers from around the world. Let's put this Friday to bed with some off-topic conversation. That is, if you're feeling up to it after today's roller coaster day.


Reading news reports of the latest developments in northern Japan, it's hard to feel too upbeat going into this weekend. At least I've got some potential jury duty to look forward to next week... Seriously, on the brighter side, it seems that everyone I know in Japan is doing fine, which is all the good news I need today.

Please, talk amongst yourselves and have a safe and happy weekend.

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Like many people, I've been keeping an eye out on the news coming out of Japan today. I have been going to a variety of news sources (BBC, Japan Today and CNN mostly, though CNN's tends to be more sensationalistic than it really needs to be IMO). And it is truly tragic news to be sure. The news coming out of the regions affected by the quake and the following tsunami will probably be just as bad if not worse in the coming hours and days ahead.

I pray for the victims who have lost so much in the devastation, but I also will look ahead towards Japan's recovery. It will recover, as it has from devastating natural disasters and wars in the past. Japan has shown amazing resiliance in the face of adversity, and just as in days long past, will do so now. I have no doubt about this.

They will mourn the victims dead and wounded, but will dust off their clothes and begin to rebuild with an eye toward the future. They will not let adversity hold them back.

So as you remember Japan's people in your thoughts in the coming days, also remember that as bleak as it looks now, better days will come.