A recent street survey polled Akihabara folks about which female Dragon Quest character they wanted to get very close with.

It doesn't get more scientific than this.

Here are the results:

10. Queen of Isis (Dragon Quest 3)
9. Gerda, AKA "Red" in English (DQ8)
8. Female Warrior (Dragon Quest 3)
7. Flora (Dragon Quest 5)
6. Alena (Dragon Quest 4)
5. Female Sage (Dragon Quest 3)
4. Maya (Dragon Quest 4)
3. Jessica (Dragon Quest 8)
2. Barbara (Dragon Quest 6)
1. Bianca (Dragon Quest 5)

Oh, so this is what Akihabara surveys are like. Fascinating.

抱きたい『ドラクエ』シリーズのキャラクターベスト10 [Excite News via my game news flash] [Pic]