What Does This Picture Mean For Grand Theft Auto IV DLC?

The long overdue Grand Theft Auto IV DLC is out February 17. The game was originally released this past April, and in the lighting fast gaming world, the game's time might have passed. Maybe not. GTAIV did get incredibly strong reviews and was met with tremendous fanfare. If you like GTA, you probably were pleased with the latest entry in the highly successful franchise. That doesn't mean you'll necessary keep the game forever — or even until the DLC hits. At a Brooklyn GameStop, Tracey John from game site Multiplayer spotted 46 copies of the Xbox 360 version of GTAIV, which is of course the version getting the DLC next year! Granted, this is one GameStop, and there are oodles of them nationwide. Maybe everyone in Brooklyn has already sold back his or her copy? Who knows. If this is a larger thread, it might not bode well for the GTAIV downloadable content. Then again, perhaps the individuals who sold back their copies didn't even realize the DLC was coming (or forgot) and perhaps they'll buy them back when the DLC finally hits. Is This A Bad Sign For ‘GTA IV' DLC? [Multiplayer]


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