What Do You Want For Christmas?

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

Howdy! And Happy Holidays!

It's Christmas Eve here in Japan. While only 3 percent of the country gives the holiday any sort of religious meaning, the rest of it happily celebrates the day. Christmas seems to get bigger year after year, and Japanese people eat cake and Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas.


Apparently KFC is viewed as slightly "expensive" fast food, and it sells pricier roasted chicken during the holidays. So those looking for a no fuss meal must order in advance to make sure they can secure one. This afternoon, there was a short line at the KFC near my house.

Though, our local supermarket was selling chickens for DIY and even, *gasp*, turkey. Something you don't typically see!

No sure what the deal with cake is. I always picture pie when I think Christmas.

Anyway, any requests from Santa-san, as the locals here call him? He should be arriving shortly and will have to eat a pile of gingerbread cookies and drink now tepid milk.

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I want:

To either win the Power ball Jackpot.. or

To receive a winning power ball ticket.

That's all I want.