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What We Want Changed After Destiny's Beta

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As betas go you can't argue with Destiny's success. I've heard more than a few people saying it's the most they've played on their PS4 since launch for example, while it seems to be basically the only thing that happened over the weekend.

This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK.

Now we've all had a good long play is there anything you want changed? Here's a few things I'd loved to see addressed.


1. Better shooting feedback in the multiplayer

Whatever you think of games like COD or Titanfall, noise and vibration let you know when you've hit someone. It's an instant response you react to instinctively. In Destiny all the feedback seems to be purely visual - some numbers and a crosshair change. Instead of reacting to a more physical and wider spread of stimulus that inhabits a real world this feels more visual, simply matching pictures on screen and less instinctive as a result.


2. Secondary weapons

In the campaign, ammo isn't so much of an issue as there's usually plenty. In multiplayer though I really felt the constraints of the alternate weapon system. I'm habitually a long range/sniper player online so having to chase allowances of secondary ammo really cramped my style. I like having two weapons to switch between freely as the situation dictates, not look out for boxes on the map.


3. Clarify the mission structure in the campaign

Obviously the beta was only a taster and not representative of the final thing (there were only a couple of actual story mission after all) but I really hope the story gets a far clearer set up. There were times when I just wanted to know what/where the next thing was. Chasing sticks in the ground and seeing what you get is all good if you want a few random missions but sometimes I just want to advance.


That's my wish list. What's yours?


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