​What Do You Think Of Your New Next-Gen Console?

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The Xbox One is now on store shelves. The PS4 has been out for a week. Maybe you picked one of those consoles up. Maybe you even got both! We've already told you what we think of them. What do you think?


Weigh in in the comments below with your tales of next-gen gaming. Here are some prompts: How have your install times been? How's the transition to a new version of the PSN and Xbox Live? How do you like the Netflix app? Or the controllers? How long did it take you to download your day-one patch? Are you skipping these two new consoles and sticking with the Wii U? Have you (hopefully not!) experienced any hardware failure? Do the new games feel "next-gen" enough to you?

The floor is yours, readers. Get as specific as you like.

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So I've been playing Battlefield 4 at 1920x1200 at 80 FPS on Ultra settings on my PC, While also running episodes of Boardwalk Empire on the second monitor at the same time, also alt tabbing to chat on Facebook and read Kotaku at the same time.

My next-gen, is the only gen.