What Do You Think Of Final Fantasy XV So Far?

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By now, you've had 24 hours to play Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, one of the most fascinating video game demos in recent memory. (How many other demos actually let you save your progress?)


And those of you who read Kotaku regularly might recall that during an interview in January, FFXV director Hajime Tabata told me that he looks to all sorts of places for feedback on his work, including our comments.

So hey, let's take advantage of that. Post your thoughts on the demo—both positive and negative—in the comments below. We'll highlight the most insightful feedback, and maybe if we're lucky, Kotaku's thoughts will make it straight to the top (where Ramuh hangs out).


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Steve Bowling

I played a couple of hours of Epsiode Duscae last night, and I have to say I wasn't as thrilled as I expected myself to be. The graphics are only OK, not great. For as bad of a game as The Order: 1886 was, it looked far superior to FFXV.

More importantly though, I think combat is just a mess. There doesn't seem to be any clear advantages or disadvantages to moving weapons around your palette, counters can be hard to pull off when fighting groups of enemies, and it's hard to keep Noctis close to said enemies without abusing your warp and burning your MP.

Also, I ran into a few scenarios where there are just way too many enemies attacking at once. The cave comes to mind— I gave up last night when what seemed to be a dozen or so trolls came out of the woodwork to beat me to death and steal my items. My whole party wiped inside of thirty seconds.