This is it, people: the final season of Dexter, the show about a serial killer that kills serial killers (and sometimes other people, too).

How are you liking the latest season? It's been nerve-wracking for me—there's so much in the air for Dexter. Deb hates him—that one scene where she says that he's the one that's lost? Oof. The girl is tumbling, but that's to be expected. Dexter on the other hand is losing it in a way that he can't afford—recall all the scenes where he gets angry? It makes for good drama, but at the same time, I'm hoping it's not just a set-up for Dexter's redemption.

I say that because there's a scene where Vogel says that psychopaths don't get angry like Dexter does, and she often seems surprised about the emotions that Dexter feels. And the entire point of the show, really, is about how Dexter isn't completely heartless and psychopathic. He feels things. He cares about people. He almost gives murder up at one point. It makes for an interesting show with lots of room for nuance, but to just have some happily ever after ending where Dexter turns around and becomes "normal" would be boring.

Vogel is a curious character; I wasn't expecting the show to introduce a mother figure. At times the relationship can feel rather awkward, though—but maybe that's just because the characters don't know or trust each other yet. So far everyone that's encouraged Dexter has turned out to be insane, so I won't put too much hope in Vogel. Something will end up being wrong with her. There's gotta be a reason that one serial killer is targeting her, right? And what about her experiments with psychopaths? Something is wrong there, I just know it.

We can't forget about Hannah, too. I'm sad that she really did end up trying to poison Deb, because I would have liked to see a relationship work with Dexter. But at the same time, it gives me hope that they're not just going to give us that happily ever after—characters might evolve and change, but they can't outrun their nature.


Watch them not go for a happily ever after ending, or a "everything goes to shit" ending for Dexter (having Dexter die, go to jail, that sort of thing). Watch it just be some cliffhanger that suggests that the cycle continues, and Harrison is likely to become a murderer too.

We'll see. What's obvious now is that the show is amping up.