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What Do You Know, Burnout Paradise Kicks Ass On The Switch

Left: Switch Right: PC Don’t care, just want to play.
Left: Switch Right: PC Don’t care, just want to play.
Screenshot: EA (Kotaku)

The left side of this image is the recently-released Switch version of Burnout Paradise Remastered. The right side is the same game running on a high-powered gaming PC. The difference? Doesn’t matter. Both are Burnout Paradise. Both are awesome.


The sky and shadows are more detailed on the PC side of the image, but these aren’t things you notice while playing Burnout Paradise, remastered or otherwise. It’s just too damn fast. In fact, if you notice these details while playing Burnout Paradise, I suggest you drive faster. It’s a game that’s more felt than seen, the sensation of ridiculous speed that’s somehow completely under your control.

I don’t often sit still in this game.
I don’t often sit still in this game.
Screenshot: Activision (Kotaku)

The Switch version of Burnout Paradise captures that intoxicating cocktail of velocity and control perfectly. It’s not as pretty as it is on more powerful systems, but it runs at 60 frames per second and handles like a fever dream. Watch me take down some vehicles.

The speed is there. The cars, including all the fancy DLC vehicles, are present and accounted for. And when I pick up my controllers, be they Joy-Cons or the Switch in handheld mode, I can’t put them down until I’ve at least done a circuit of the expansive map.

The only downside to the Switch version of Burnout Paradise Remastered is someone badly edited the song “Paradise City” to remove the word “cigarette.” That’s it . That’s my gripe. Can I go back to driving now? Thanks.

Living In A Burnout Paradise


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