What Do You Get When You Cross An Xbox 360 With An Atari 2600?

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Modder supreme Ben Heck marries Microsoft's current-generation console with an Atari 2600 to create the lovable monstrosity known as the Xbox 360 1977 Edition, making us wonder why faux wood paneling ever went out of style.


Ben Heck (AKA Benjamin J. Heckendorn) is an expert at taking existing consoles and giving them the sort of form factors that console manufacturers dream of, from a portable Atari 2600 to an Xbox 360 briefcase with built-in LCD display.

In the latest episode of the Ben Heck web show, Dr. Heck marries the old with the new, creating an Atari 2600-flavored Xbox 360 laptop to help Atari celebrate the upcoming remakes of Yar's Revenge and Star Raiders. The end result is the power of a 360 with the delicious retro styling on 1977 Atari, complete with metallic cylinder switches handling things like power on disc ejection.

I love this man.

Check out the full episode below to see how it's done.


What's the difference between my first Atari 2600 and my first Xbox 360?

The 2600 still works.