The LCD-Packing Xbox 360 Briefcase

You see before you an Xbox 360 modded to fit snuggly into a watertight, dust proof and crushproof Pelican case.

This latest Ben Heck hack features a 17-inch LCD monitor, built in speakers, a nifty power cable compartment, top-loading DVD drive, removable hard drive and Ethernet and USB ports.

Heck says he built this beautiful bit of gaming because he's had a lot of requests from servicemen and women. The gaming football is also not taken, so it sounds like Heck is willing to part with it for a price. In fact it sounds like he's looking for someone (cough)Pelican(cough) who might be interested in mass producing these bad boys.


Now for how he did it.

Pelican Case Xbox 360 [Ben Heck, thanks Steve]

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