What Do PlayStation 3 Owners Want Most From Sony?

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Cross-game voice chat. How do we know? By looking at the newly launched PlayStation.blog Share, a PlayStation fan's sounding board that will let the powers that be know just how badly you want auto-syncing trophies and backwards compatibility.

In fact, those are the top three demands PlayStation 3 owners are making of Sony right now, three as-yet undelivered features that are kicking the ass of "We Want Turkish subtitles for PS3" in popularity at this very moment. There aren't many surprises on the list, as fervent requests for things like new XMB avatars, a better web browser and Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy support are currently floating to the top.

PlayStation.blog Share, vaguely Digg and Reddit like, is supposed to be a place for the PlayStation consumer to voice their frustrations, make their voices heard in a more prominent place and rally the support of their fellow gamers.


A neat idea that has already spawned one creative suggestion we can definitely get behind. Sorry, Jack Tretton, but the people know a brightly shining star when they see one.

PlayStation.blog Share [PlayStation.com]

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Sure, cross-game voice chat would be nice, but it's completely pointless considering 98% of PS3 users don't have a bloody headset! Microsoft made a VERY good choice including a headset with the Xbox 360. Not only did it increase the social aspect of Xbox Live, it saved the consumers a bit of money, something Microsoft isn't usually known for doing.

You hear that Sony!? I want a freaking headset that doesn't cost me out the a$$!!!!