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Well then. Guess who you don't fuck with?

You don't fuck with Daenerys Targaryen.

That sure was a lot of fun, wasn't it? Of course, those who had read the book were likely waiting for that moment at the end of the episode since we first saw Dany and the Unsullied in episode one, but you gotta hand it to the people running this show: They did a fantastic job with it.


My friend and I were talking about how with this show, they might actually have done well to have released the first four episodes all at once, since this episode really did feel like a "season finale" for the first four episodes of the third season of Game of Thrones. All of the dangling plot threads and short-shrift characters came together, and there was a real thrust at the end. I'm looking forward to at least one more big peak like that before the season ends.

Before I turn it over to you guys, stray thoughts on the finale, with some mild spoilers about the books: I'm not a huge fan of what they're doing with the Theon storyline, but I guess I understand why they're doing it. (Basically, they can't leave Theon on ice for an entire season, since the actor's gotta work, otherwise he'd leave to do something else.) I'm still concerned about Bran's whole storyline, since it was so abstract in the books that I mostly lost interest, and the show so far hasn't demonstrated that they know how to make it more interesting I very much enjoyed watching shit go down at Craster's Keep, though I'm sort of wondering about Sam and the dragonglass, since he still has no real idea what it does. Maybe they'll write that bit in in a different place, now that he and Gilly are fleeing?

But overall, a really strong, super enjoyable episode. For a more in-depth recap, check out Charlie Jane's writeup over at io9. What did you guys think? Feel free to talk Game of Thrones, or anything else, here or over at TAY. Do use spoiler warnings, however, if you're talking about anything from the books that happens after what we've seen.


Oh, and dig this performance of the Game of Thrones music on the Carillon belltower at UW-Madison. (via Geekologie.) They had one of these at Indiana University near where I grew up, and I always thought it'd be fun to watch. Turns out I was right!

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