Me? Loads. Picross DS for one, the world's greatest time consuming, least noticeable time wasting game for the Nintendo DS. I also played... *deep breath* Street Fighter IV, Rambo, Gals Panic S, Deathsmiles, Tenchi Wo Kurau II - Sekiheki No Tatakai, Crush Roller (at various Japanese arcades) and some Cube Runner (on the iPhone). On that last one, I was slightly drunk in a cab and wanted to see how well I'd do while en route to Shibuya. All that other stuff โ€” just for fun. Did pretty well at Deathsmiles, given that it was my first time at it. Picked up a few things gaming related, an Opa-Opa gashapon, plus a Darkstalkers collection and Fantasy Zone Complete for the PlayStation 2. Can't wait to see both alphabetized on my shelf at home! Oh yeah, what'd you play this weekend? Sorry for not preemptively asking!