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Christmas is over and a few days have passed since then. So most folks have, by now, finished all the other Christmas days that happen during this season. You know, stuff like going to multiple families homes across the week or visiting divorced parents separately. So, what did you all get?

I don’t want a list of everything you actually got because that wouldn’t be very interesting. But instead share some of the coolest, nicest, biggest or dumbest gifts you got this year! Gaming related gifts preferred, but a cool gift is a cool gift.


Bonus points for funny stories and nice photos!

If you are curious about what I got for Christmas, I got some great stuff! On the video game front, I got a bunch of Game Pass months, which is always nice and a copy of Dragon Quest Builders 2.  I also had family buy my GF and I a brand new bed, so I now sleep better. And that is the best gift of all. (Actually, the best gift of all was a brand new 55-inch LED 4k TV. Red Dead Redemption 2 has never looked so good.)

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