As Kotaku's resident Pissed-Off Colorblind Gamer, I have yet to play BioShock 2, but I already knew the hacking mini-game would be bad news for mutants like me. Here's a comparison of what colorblind gamers are up against.

Negative Gamer took a screengrab of the hack terminal and ran it through a color contrast analyzer to approximate what the colorblind see for you lucky ass normal color-seeing folks. I'm squarely in the deuteranopia camp (pictured above) and you can see how washed out the red and green are. This is key because green equals success whereas red equals sound the alarm. You can see the two other examples at the link. Poor, poor tritanopians. They're outcasts even among us.

My brotherhood of colorblind mutants is fired up and complaining about it in this forum thread. I know nothing of how the game was developed so I can't sit here and demand 2K Marin patch it. But seriously, again, lay off any dependency on red-green color recognition and we don't have this kind of petty-sounding complaint. It's a win-win. Except for the tritanopians. Screw them.

What BioShock 2's Hacking Looks Like if You're Colour Blind [Negative Gamer]