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What Chinese People Think About The New Xbox

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The original Xbox and Xbox 360 weren't allowed to be sold in China due to the country's console ban. With the ban looking to stay in place for the foreseeable future, the availability of the Xbox One as well as other next-generation consoles in China is questionable.


Regardless of the availability, Chinese gamers are still interested in finding out more about the next generation of consoles. Below are a few excerpts of what Chinese internet users think about the newly revealed Xbox One, taken and translated from China's largest social media network, Sina Weibo.

<尾田荣一郎笔下的路飞:In my opinion, the PS3 still has the better design.

Pimp-Zimos:This must put a lot of strain on PC's, I mean we just got to 4-cores and now the console is at 8?!

杜说:回复@抖抖手:) what the heck? Is that a console?

Frank小si凡:These specs....And you have to pay for second hand games?!

伊御死兔子:……So what is the point?……_(:3」∠)_

高龄龟炖龟苓膏:#XboxOne# Is it because my standards are so low? I think the the 360's graphics were already good enough:今天 17:24)

试卷上画青春:Man...I haven't played the PS3 yet.

盖世兔X:#XboxOne# Man, my dream was to own a 360, an now there's a new generation?!:Jordan-H-:Domestically...hmm...It might not come (

凌城太守:What's this got to do with me? Everyone knows the deal in China...

又见炊烟了啊:The design feels like it was ripped from HTC, beautiful.
小包玮玮:It's not so far off now! There are pictures!Rumours say imports will need time!Rumours say it can't be hacked!Looks like the dawn of legitimate gaming is here.

披着头发的甲壳虫:The Xiaomi 3( Xiaomi is a mobile phone company) is going to copy this!

The Xbox 360, while not officially sold in China, was easily accessible on the gray market (grey, if you're British). The 360 was a fan favorite by Chinese pirates due its easily hackable nature. Pirates would hack the system and run counterfeit DVD rips of 360 games. It was harder to hack the PS3 and not as cost effective to bootleg Blu-ray discs.


Many of the commenters in China seem more interested in whether the system will be sold in China or not than the other issues with the Xbox One reveal. There wasn't much of a response about the online connectivity issues or even talk about the controller. Of course all of that is moot if the system isn't available in the first place. Of course, despite the ban, and Chinese gamers who are interested in the next-gen will probably still be able to get their fix through the gray market once the consoles launch.

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