What Can You Expect From Nyko for the Vita? Whatever Sold for the PSP

When it comes to mobile gaming, first party acessories can get damn expensive. That's where Nyko comes in. When it comes to third party gaming accessories, nobody is as prolific and nobody gets their gear to market faster.

This week at CES Nyko let it be known that they'd be releasing a few choice accessories for the Playstation Vita to coincide with its US launch.


However, what I wanted to know was what was coming down the line. After all, some of my favorite PSP accessories were made by Nyko. So, I asked them.

Nyko's Michael Quiroz told me that what I could expect for the PSVita was, "Enhanced versions" of their accessories that were the most successful for the PSP.

So, what does that mean exactly?

Well, let's look at the most popular Nyko PSP accessories:


First up is the Power Grip. While Nyko has said that this new and improved version of their best selling PSP Charge Grip is in the works, we have yet to see a working model. This is a must have accessory for guys like me who can't stand the feel of Sony's handhelds but love the feel of a DualShock 3. Perhaps they are having issues working around the rear touch panel?


Next up is Nyko's Screen Armor. For those of you who for some reason don't want a full case, this armor will protect your screen. Or in the case of certain users, scratch it horribly. Either way, these things sold like hotcakes for the PSP so can we expect a PSV version?


Last but not least, how can anyone forget the Nyko PSP Theater Experience? It's a hard case! It's a sound dock! It's a charging station! It's $75! Nyko took a big risk on this high end accessory but it paid off when they delivered one of their most solid products to date. Hopefully, we can expect something like this for the Vita, or perhaps even something more high end? A $100 mobile accessory from Nyko? You never know!


What else worked for Nyko and the PSP? A litany of cases, chargers, docking stations, you name it. Michael assured me that wherever Nyko sees a demand for a product, they intend to fill it for a lower price than their first party competition.

So, what sort of toys would you like to see Nyko bring to the third party party? Do you prefer their acessories? Or are you the kind of gamer who goes all out and and hangs at the first party party with Sony? You tell me and I'll tell Nyko.

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