What Can Kotaku Tell Me About These Tales of Graces Vids?

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Dear Japanese role-playing game gods, let Namco Bandai bring Tales of Graces to the US soon. I need to get the lingering yuck of Dawn of the New World out of my Wii.


Regrettably my Japanese has deteriorated so badly I have almost no idea what's going on in either video. However, I'm sure Tales fans will see a lot of familiar motifs to fill in the gaps. And of course you could argue that you don't need to be able to read the subtitles to know what's going on in a Tales game — the world is in danger, there's some elaborately-dressed individuals with fabulous, physics-defying hair, "OMG, don't kill yourself!" and so forth.


Seriously, sign me up. And please, take a stab at interpreting the text in these vids for me. Specifically, what's up with that sprocket the guy picks up during this gameplay vid:

P.S. BoA theme song for the win!

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Dawn of the New World was my first Tales game (I won a free copy from Namco). The game has numerous flaws and issues, but I found the humor and combat enjoyable enough to see it through to the end.

Prior to play the game, I was aware that the game was a rushed project on a shoestring budget. So, perhaps I was being rather lenient of its faults considering its price tag and development history.

Truth be told, though, it kept me interested and entertained enough to want to play the more robust and well-received titles in the franchise (like Vesperia).

Sidenote: Before the big plot twist is revealed, I thought that Emil's life was particularly harsh — especially for a "cheery" jRPG.

Beaten by his uncle, shunned by his neighbors and haunted by the death of his parents, Emil had to deal with some brutal stuff that is not often explored in the medium (though I am sure someone will correct me :) ).

A shame, then, that the game pulls a Vince Russo and performs 17 swerves in a row.