There's been a lot of talk of used games lately. But for all the theorizing and opinion-lobbing about the impact used games may or may not have on the video game industry, it can be tough to tell just how much of a part they play in our readers' lives. So tonight, I'm gonna turn it over to you.

I put together a few polls to try to get a sense of how used games factor into our readers' purchasing habits.

One thing to note: Since purchasing PC games is such a different beast, let's keep these polls limited to consoles with physical games and leave PC games out of them. (Sorry, PC games!)

Granted, that's worth keeping in mind when weighing these polls' value, but at this point PC games and console games are different enough that I'd like to keep them separate.



These polls aren't particularly scientific; if you have any other questions you think would be good to ask, please share in the comments, and maybe we can do another collection of questions a little ways down the road. Thanks for voting!