What Are Your Character Creation Bad Habits?

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I am a creature of habit. I order the same things at restaurants, I drink the same beer. I have television shows that I watch over and over, like comfort food. This becomes a problem in my game of The Sims 4, where all my new sims are using the exact same hair.


The Sims 4 Vampires came with four new female hairs, and they’re all a little gothy. But my favorite, by far, is this ornamented double bun straight off of Akasha from Queen of the Damned. When I saw it in the trailer I thought I’d never use it, but there’s something so luxurious and tacky about it. The jewels even change color with different hair colors.

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Of course, this means that there’s four sims in my game who use this hair in at least one outfit. And it keeps showing up on randomly generated “townie” sims. I’m approaching a sims hair singularity, and I don’t know how to stop it.

What about you, gentle readers? Are there character creator options that you keep returning to, game after game? Can’t live without your playable character having freckles? Modded in Beyonce’s hat from the Formation video into all your games? Let me know in the comments.


Any time a game lets you make a first and last name, shit gets fuckin’ *real*.

What are the naming conventions of this race/clan? Is there a difference between feminine and masculine names? Is there a signifier for family lineage? etc etc. I end up sitting at that name box for a long time while doing research.

I take it so seriously that when I see other people not taking first/last names seriously it sets me off. I see someone named Cloudgoku Strifeheart and I just hope the most terrible things happen to their family.

Is that a Miqo’te with an improper clan signifier in their name? Guess who’s not getting a commendation at the end of this dungeon!