What Are You Reading?

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It's Tuesday, it's time for an open thread, so let's slap a theme on it, see if it inspires you to talk amongst yourselves about things that aren't just video games. I might ask, for example, "What are you reading?" Then you'd say...


Well, you can say it in the comments.

I'm not reading much right now, but wish I had the disposable income to buy the recently released Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus, nearly 1200 pages of 80s era Marvel Comics awesomeness. I had a good number of those issues back in the day, but my collection of comics, some 3,000 or so, is sitting unattended at my parents' house.


Anyway, please, carry on with the conversation, whether it's in regard to the theme question or about one of these things.

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Graphic Novels: Just finished The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One for the umpteenth time; reading Gotham Central which is pretty sexy, finished V for Vendetta a couple of weeks ago (incredible)- and re-reading AllStar Superman for the millionth time (I'd recommend that book to any person on the planet.) And...

Just finished the first 4 issues of Neonomicon. Alan Moore's (Watchmen, V for Vendetta, natch) new work that takes H.P. Lovecraft's work and universe, and implants it into a near-future reality. Incredible dialogue, good art, good story, but... I don't know if I can recommend it. From the second half of the second issue it gets incredibly fucked up. Like possibly more fucked up than anything I've read before- generally because the horrible things are happening to the main character(s). Really torturous, dark brutality. Good comic though. Quite scary, too.

Books: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for the millionth time, and starting on Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep.

Books for Uni: Ulysses extracts, William Blake's work, Conrad's Heart of Darkness, War of the Worlds, a bit of Thomas Gray, the list goes on...