What Are You Reading?

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Yes, that's a copy of Bust-A-Move Universe, a Nintendo 3DS game that I'll be able to talk about later this week. But that's not important right now, nor is the Bub coin bank sitting on top of that box.

What is important is that we engage in some civil, enlightening off-topic conversation right now. Since this is a themed Tuesday, we can talk about books, comic books, newspapers, magazines, poetry, operating manuals, informative pamphlets... whatever you're reading these days. I'm catching up on my Cormac McCarthy and have just started reading Blood Meridian (after finally chugging my way through lighter fare, Malcom Gladwell's Outliers).

What's happening at your personal book club these days? Or would you prefer to do some more reading on the internet with these helpful links? Please, talk it out amongst yourselves.


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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

I'm slowly reading though "A Game of Thrones" and debating the merits of a e-reader, as my local library is somewhat lacking and carrying around a ton of books on a bike is not viable.

I used to love reading to death and would embark every weekend to the libary to come back with 15-20 books to dive into, but over time, video games became a bigger draw. Now I find myself wanting to major in english, but reading and writing have become a total slog for me. I'm sure ADHD does not help, but this is bad.

Any tips?