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Barring a surprise delivery of my copy of Shadows of the Damned—hurry up, Amazon!—I'll be playing more Dungeon Siege III this weekend. Maybe I'll do some Trenched multiplayer. Wanna join me? 'Cause I might have a few codes...


There are still a few multiplayer-leaning achievements I need to get in that game, so your enlistment into the Trenched regiment would be appreciated. I'll drop a few codes in here, a few codes in the comments, so keep an eye out. And, if you snag one, say thanks to Double Fine for giving you a free game, ya cheapskates.

Anyway, after this code dump, let us know what you're playing this weekend. New games, old games, games that still have that new game smell, don't be shy. Brag about it!


Now, about those Trenched codes...


Update: Damn that was fast. Codes claimed.

If you take one, say so! If it's already been claimed, let your fellow Kotaku readers know!

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