What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Last week when I was on vacation I picked up an original Xbox from a friend (some of you may have seen me Tweeting about that.) Considering the new-release doldrums we're in, this has been as good a time as any to reacquaint myself with some games I loved on that console but haven't seen since I got rid of mine back in 2007, a decision I regretted until I brought this thing home.


While Hitman: Contracts and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic are backward compatible to the Xbox 360, the game experiences are suboptimal (and sometimes buggy) and besides, there's nothing like doing it on a heritage console, the thing for which it was released. I've been continually disappointed that KOTOR never came out as an Xbox Original on the Marketplace, but that no longer matters now.

So my weekend will probably be a tribute to replay value as I go for perfect Silent Assassin in Hitman 2. I just got back to the Japan levels and those things were absolutely brutal. (The mission where you kill Hayamoto, the one involving his getaway helicopter, I could never pull off without alerting one of those damned yoyimbos). I might duck into KOTOR but that is such a time suck, I'm not sure I can commit to that right now. Red Dead Revolver is, as always, fondly remembered.


What are you playing?

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I'm playing Deus Ex: HR on easy mode! This is my 1st FPS though, so it's not nearly as bad as it sounds. If I can finish Deus Ex this weekend (working through the Picus building in Montreal atm), then I'll start on Skyrim.