This week I rediscovered my love for DC Universe Online thanks to its "Lightning Strikes" DLC, to the point I was up at 1 am last night and swearing at the television when I couldn't connect to the server.

MMOs are a helluva drug. I don't know how I fell in with this one, probably because I'm a total console bigot and won't play anything keyboard-and-mouse, so it's the only MMO available to me. Yes, there's a tremendous amount of grind and repetition. But look! I am now actually running around as Fulminatus, the mild-mannered police reporter imbued with the spirit of an implacably angry, but unfailingly righteous Roman general. I dreamed him up more than 20 years ago with two 10-sided dice and the Marvel Super Heroes tabletop RPG. Hope they don't mind me shifting him to a different universe.

Why on Earth didn't DC Universe Online include lightning in its original power sets? It's a natural for super-speed runners, much less complicated than the light powers they introduced this summer. And as to that, they need to buff light powers and nerf electricity. I am far too much of a badass for my own good.

Anyway, you can guess what I'll be up to this weekend. What's got hold of you? New game, or blast from the past? Talk it out in the comments.