What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Tuesday I fly home for Thanksgiving, so I have about 72 hours to get all the pre-holiday console gaming done that I want before those things go dark for a week.

This is always a vexing proposition, as I really want to dive into something like Batman: Arkham City or Saints Row: The Third, but I'm a big momentum gamer, and shutting it down for a week just when things are getting good probably means I'll restart when I return.

What I'll likely do, then, is get a look at some Call of Duty multiplayer, mostly to say I did it. I've also rekindled a hankering for NCAA Football and have a few key matchups coming in a dynasty that I've restarted there.


It seems ridiculous to actually avoid some of the year's best games, but I'm completely neurotic about how I game long-playing genres like RPGs and open-world actioners. I know I'd only come back and restart them. Anyone else the same way? Let us and your fellow gamers know what you're playing.

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I just finished Assassin's Creed and I'm gonna start ACII in the morning. I've been neglecting the series for a while, because I misplaced my save file, but I finally started over a few days ago.

I haven't found all the flags and templars. Is there some kind of incentive for getting all of them, or am I wasting my time?