Oh, man, me and my buddy up there are going to meet up in Dark Souls this weekend, as I enter my 70th hour of playing the game that is seriously becoming detrimental to my health.

That big, lava-covered thing is my pal, Ceaseless Discharge—yes, that's his name, please don't make fun. We're going to have a little get together tonight at which we'll trade a few blows, hopefully with me the slightly blistered and charred victor. We'll see how it goes, but wish me luck anyway.


I'm also going to take a crack at the recently released Wizorb for Xbox Live Indie Games, which will be a welcome, relaxing diversion from the usual pain and suffering.

Now you. Tell us what you're playing this weekend in the comments below. Maybe you can find a buddy or two to chainsaw while you're in there.

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