What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The PlayStation 3 at Kotaku HQ Los Angeles will be working overtime this weekend, thanks to a little bit more time spent with Resistance 3 multiplayer and another title that, well, I can't talk about just yet.


Anyone want to take a guess what that title might be? If you're at all familiar with my gaming preferences, you might be able to wager a guess. But suffice it to say, I'm going to have a very pleasurable if punishing weekend. And maybe I'll get some grunt work done in the leveling up of my Resistance 3 character.

How about yourself? Clearing some backlog this weekend, perhaps? There's a flood of good games coming in the next few weeks, so you'd better prepare.


Let us know your game plan for the weekend in the comments below, mkay?

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Well... This weekend may finally be when I become a PS3 owner. My first games will be Infamous 2 (because it's bundled with the console) and Grand Theft Auto IV. They will be followed by GoldenEye and Resident Evil 5.

What else should I be looking into?