What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Summer video game drought? Ha! This is turning into one of the busier weeks (for me anyway), as a slew of games that hit this week and the next are demanding my attention, namely Trenched, Dungeon Siege III and Child of Eden.

I'll be playing all three for fun and coverage, but one of them will finally force my hand to... purchase a Kinect controller. It's true! I don't own one of Microsoft's fancy camera gizmos, but will obviously have to if I want to go to synaesthesia as Q Entertainment intended. I'll get a personal copy of Dance Central (finally) while I'm at it and that's about it.

What about you? Are you playing Duke Nukem Forever, Infamous 2, Alice: Madness Returns or any of the other notable releases from this week?


Let us know what your game plan is for the weekend in the comments below.

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I got my free copy of Infamous, and I have to admit, I'm kind of shocked with how bad it actually is.

The jumping is horrible. I feel like I'm humping a skyscraper, then suddenly I'm at the top. The enemies are pretty ridiculous as well. If I even mess up anything, I have 4 people sniping me from 4 different rooftops within seconds. Do they just live up on the roof, always? Who brings them food? Do they go on rotations with other snipers? Are these punks ex-military (they have perfect aim)?

The story was kind of rough too. All I did was try to secure some food and I think my girlfriend left me and it made me into some psychopathic evil guy. Honestly, no one would have even gotten the food anyway! The food crate was 6 stories up in the air on steel beams.

So ... I think I'm going to try it again this weekend, for a bit. I wish I got Dead Nation.