What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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This long Memorial Day weekend, I'll be asking myself the following question: how much better or worse is this than Split/Second? Yep, this weekend shall be a Blur.


Of course, there are still plenty of strangers to befriend, wild mountain cats to slay and flowers to be picked in my copy of Red Dead Redemption. Drunken cowboys will be knocked out cold as I fiddle with those many unlocked achievements in Rockstar's dusty open world action game. Anyone up for a little Red Dead multiplayer this weekend?

I may fire up this newly installed copy of Half-Life 2 on the iMac, just to see how well the game holds up.


You? Got some gaming and BBQing plans this weekend?

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Ive had Blur pre-ordered since after the Beta and I purchased Split/Second last week on a whim, so I do have some insight. I like both games, but they are very different.

Split/Second reminds me of the 1st Driver for the PSone. The tracks in the game are very contrived. After playing a track a few times you learn very quickly which lines to run and how to manipulate the track to your advantage. The single player mode of the game is very good. I have not played this game online yet, so I do not know how chaotic the game can get with a race full of people trying to manipulate the same objects and routes.

Blur was an instant buy for me after playing the Beta. There are obvious comparisons to Mario Kart, but they are warranted. When describing the game to a friend I told him it was a hybrid of that and Burnout Paradise. The online play is chaotic and where the meat of this game is at. It is essential to make progress in the single player mode since it unlocks cars for online play. The game rewards defensive play as well as offensive. You most likely wont win many races if you dont learn how to defend against the different power ups. One thing I enjoy about this game is that every position feels earned. You literally have to fight with every player in front and behind you on the track.

They are both fun arcade racing games. Nothing about either portrays even a hit or realism (besides maybe the damage models). I believe most people would have a great time playing either. The biggest consideration is whether you intend to do most of your racing online or off. If you are considering either I would even suggest renting both for the weekend. The demo for Split/Second doesnt do justice to the final game, and the Blur Beta is closed.