It's Friday, officially the kick off of the weekend for those of us at Kotaku Towers, a chance to kick and play some video games. You know, for fun.

I'll be playing two things this weekend, wrapping up God of War III (not pictured) on my PlayStation 3 and Astral Puzzle Meltdown (actually pictured) on my iPhone. I'm sure you've heard of the former, but maybe not the latter, which is a block breaking, color matching puzzle game from Tako Games, a small developer creatively directed by friend of the site (and Kotaku commenter) Torokun. Want to check out with me? You can grab it for a pittance ($1.99 USD) off iTunes.

I'm looking forward to spending a little time shattering multicolored blocks with my weekend and maybe crushing the skull of a Greek god or two. What about you?