Despite how former Sega mascot Alex Kidd looks in Sega & Sonic All-Stars Racing—a little off, in my opinion—I'll be racing my hardest to unlock the paper-rock-scissors expert in the game this weekend.

Somehow, Sega & Sonic All-Stars Racing has taken hold of me, presumably because of its well-distributed Achievements and its appeal to the longtime Sega fan in me. I'll be unlocking about everything I can this weekend, racking up Gamerscore in Sega's newly released kart racer. (Watch for a review on Kotaku very soon.)


I'll also play a little Diablo II on this here new iMac that arrived yesterday. I gotta say, I love the game management in, which let me download and install my copy of DII on my new machine this morning. Too bad that StarCraft II beta binary of Mac OS X is still grayed out. I better install that copy of Windows 7 this weekend.

Finally, we'll be making sure that everyone who ordered a Kotaku-tan t-shirt earlier this week is well taken care of. You guys sure bought a lot of those things!

What about you? What are your weekend plans, gaming and non-gaming?

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