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BioShock 2! BioShock 2! On Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, that's what I'll be playing this weekend, drilling my way toward the end of the game and hopefully unlocking a World's Greatest Big Daddy coffee mug reward for my Avatar.


Oh, they don't actually have such a thing (as far as I know) in BioShock 2, but that would be a fine unlockable, something that would quickly replace the Left 4 Dead 2 medpack that my Xbox Live Avatar is currently sporting. If I get a free moment, meaning if I beat BioShock 2 and get in enough multiplayer time, I'll either continue my new game+ run of Demon's Souls or crack open that copy of Mass Effect 2 that arrived earlier this week.

What about you? What new, old or recently released games will you be playing this weekend?


And if you have any specific questions about BioShock 2 that you'd like to see addressed in our review, due Monday, leave 'em here.

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