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Having completed the original BioShock earlier this week, a bit later than most, I'm moving on to BioShock 2 after a short break to absorb it all. That's one game I'll be playing this weekend.


The other is the Nintendo DS role-playing game Glory of Heracles, which I'm having a bit of trouble finishing. Not because it's difficult—far from it—but because my enthusiasm for an RPG this straightforward and derivative is pretty low. Not so for the sequel to BioShock. I'm curious to see if the follow-up to Ken Levine's game can absorb me as much as the first.

I may sneak in a little Demon's Souls if I find the time, as King Allant needs another slaying. And I'm curious to see if I can build up a good Thief class character and get away from my guard/melee standard build for once.


How about yourself? Any new purchases that you'll be playing this weekend?

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