What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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This weekend, I'll be spinning my wheels with the review build of Forza Motorsport 3, a game I've had for some time, but have only recently found the opportunity to play for an upcoming review.


While I've not spent enough time to weigh in on it yet — I'm only about a dozen races in — I'm guessing I'll have some nice things to say about it upon review. Another game I could very well be playing this weekend is Gearbox Software's Borderlands, despite what seems like a concerted effort not to get me said review copy of that shooter RPG. Thank goodness for alternate means!

Oh, and I'll also play a little more Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter in between the eating, sleeping and blinking I plan to squeeze in. Oof!


What about yourselves? Hit us in the comments with a big old list of what you're playing this weekend.

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Demon's Souls. I can't believe that this game is getting NO COVERAGE on this website. It is the game to end all games. #gametime