What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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It's been a busy month, with moving, travel and a handful of guests staying at Kotaku Towers West. Not much time left for gaming... until now! That's why I'm finally breaking the seal on this copy of Raiden Fighters Aces.


That's just to cleanse the palette, as I'll be digging into a few downloadable titles I've recently picked up. That includes things like PixelJunk Monsters and Space Invaders Extreme. I've also had an itch to recharge the PSP for some Phantasy Star Portable, a game I didn't get to spend much time with. But considering we're heading to Gamescom in less than two weeks, I'll need something portable to play.

It's a long flight, so I may need to invest in a back up PSP battery... While I contemplate that, let us know what you're playing this lovely weekend. Put it right in the comments.

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Vilhelm Smari

I'll be spending some time with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the PSP. The former game seems to be VERY time consuming, where the latter game seems to be one of those games you finish once and never play again.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is actually my very first Monster Hunter game. I remember watching all my tech savvy friends hunt away when the game was released here in Japan last year, and I kind of wanted to take part of the fun, but I had just got my hands on a copy of FFTA2, which I spent hundreds of hours on. I was afraid I would sink into the world of gaming and forget about my studies. :P