What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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If things work out the right way this weekend, I'll be playing a little Shadow Complex, just one of many still unreleased games I plan to dabble in during my free time. The others... I probably shouldn't say.


But I'll definitely be making a few minutes for Fat Princess and Shadow Complex, maybe a little Call of Duty 4. Since we have visitors at Kotaku Towers West this weekend, it's going to make lazing around on the couch, controller in hand, a little more difficult. Same for next weekend, unfortunately.

Let us know what's on the gaming agenda this weekend at your tower.

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I'm planning on getting some good MvsC2 play going on via XBLA. I'm always looking for a good challenge, and if the thought of Magneto scares you, then don't come a-knockin' ;)

(i'm always down for some fuck-around matches too. Ain't nothin like 6 MiniFigs running around! ;)

my gamertag is Gamweasel, and let me know you're from Kotaku if you send a request :)

EDIT: Oh, and i'm hella jealous about those that have Shadow Complex already. I've been playing Cave Story to fill that void.