What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Most of my weekend will be spent playing a little real-life Tetris, as I attempt to find open slots for all the boxes, furniture and knickknacks still in boxes from the Kotaku Towers West relocation endeavor.

First thing I'll be playing in the virtual world this weekend is the iPhone version of Doom: Resurrection, in anticipation of an upcoming review. Probably should update the firmware on that thing so I'm up to speed on all my iPhone needs. I'll also be giving BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger another crack, once the TV, Xbox 360 and all necessary audio-visual equipment is hooked up.

This weekend, I'll also more than likely be picking some games to sell off and give away. There are a half-dozen Sega Saturn games—Shining Force III, Guardian Heroes, Burning Rangers—that will get more use at someone else's house.


What will you be playing this American holiday weekend?

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I managed to get the weekend off of work when on the schedule, it said I "requested" off of work today and Saturday, even though I didn't. Must have got mixed up with someone else. Don't know if I'm working Sunday yet. I've been, and will keep playing, Burnout Paradise, and The Legendary Starfy. On Starfy, all I'm doing is spending pearls on the character toys to unlock the final ending. I've done everything else in the game!

I might also play LBP, and Flower. Maybe even Punch-Out!