What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend's another busy one at Kotaku Towers West, as we plan for the move to a larger facility, rummage through the office supplies looking for something to sell and finish playing through Sega's Let's Tap for the Wii.

Yes, my fingers and the cardboard box for EA Sports Active have been grinding through Sega and Prope's quirky mini-game compilation, perfecting my tapping skills and illustrating why I shouldn't have been so lazy about picking up Wii Remote jackets. Like a sturdy cardboard box, Wii Remote jackets are essential when playing Let's Tap. Hopefully the review will be up tomorrow, spicing up the weekend post count.


Heading to Blizzard on Monday to play some StarCraft II, but first I really need to sort out this Battle.net account. Other than that, probably getting in a few rounds of Rock Band Unplugged. Yourself?

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