What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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We go once more into the breach, dear Survivors, with some additional Left 4 Dead planned for this weekend. Perhaps I'll call up my video-podcasting buddies for some much-needed training before our next session.


There's a copy of Dead Space that also needs some attention — as does this made from scratch apple pie. Other than that, looks like I'll be shipping Meat Bun orders to those lucky enough to profit from our Black Friday blowout. And maybe I'll get some of that sleep back that I lost worrying about inventory flying out of stock...

Anyway, what are your gaming plans for this post-Thanksgiving weekend? Any leftovers?

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Street Fighter HD Remix on PS3, most of all. PM me on PSN if you want to play, I might be up for a match.

Not much else, since I just finished off Lost Odyssey and my roommate's copy of Gears 2 while he was on vacation, so my 360's going back into hibernation until...uhm...I'll get back to you later on that.