What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I guess we have to.
I guess we have to.
Screenshot: Bioware

This weekend is for playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition. That’s it. Nothing else may be done or played this weekend. There will be no celebratory vaccine brunches or prolonged afternoon naps. Just an endless parade of dead-eyed Shepards approving messages.


I know there are many people out there who don’t care about Mass Effect, along with those who care but don’t feel the urgent need to play the new versions. People who’d rather play more lighthearted games like New Pokémon Snap or Calculator. Hell, I was thinking I might see if I can play past the first hour of Resident Evillage without peeing myself. But no. All is Mass Effect now.

What are you playing Mass Effect on this weekend?


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Ended up picking up Resident Evil 8 last weekend, and I’m very much enjoying it. I’m heading to the mill now, and hopefully I can beat it this weekend. Also on schedule is a baby shower, and I hope to get some lumber. My friends neighbor is redoing some aspects of their house and has a bunch of oak available for pre-pandemic prices. I hope to get as much as my partner will let me get. I’ve got some plans for some shelving that I’ve been putting off, and that I was figuring would be made of plywood. Now it looks like I can do those out of solid wood now, and I hope this lumber lets me start on a long awaited workbench project.