What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I mean, who doesn’t?
I mean, who doesn’t?
Screenshot: Playism / Kotaku

The weekend is for screening attractive anime characters to determine which are friends and which are disguised aliens hell-bent on murdering all of humanity. That, and maybe some light gardening.


This weekend, among other things, I’ll be playing Gnosia, the social deduction visual novel released in Japan in 2019 and out now for the Switch in North America. Think of it as a story-driven Among Us, where members of large crew aboard a spaceship must suss out who is the murderous alien among them. The game plays out in 15-minute loops of arguing, analyzing, reporting, and pointing fingers, after which the player and his AI companions must vote to see who goes into cryo-sleep as a suspected alien, and who goes about their business, potentially getting murdered by aliens in the process. It’s good stuff, and the art is gorgeous.

The weekend is also for me getting my second Moderna vaccine shot, so I might take a break playing to go get that done. We’ll see. How about you? What are you doing and playing this weekend?

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Gonna continue my slow journey through P5 Strikers—only at the second jail now, did a little bit of grinding for gear and items, fused a few more new personas, and generally just getting the combat flow down even more. I’m enjoying it a lot still. 

I’ve been catching too many streams lately of games I want to replay--Undertale, Hollow Knight, Control--but definitely don’t have time to dive back into with my current mix. We are fortunate to live in an era of such abundance of good choices.