What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, hey yourself.
Well, hey yourself.
Screenshot: Idea Factory

The weekend is for realizing how short February is at the last moment. It’s so short. We should fix that. Also, it’s about playing an anime game that should be my jam but is currently confusing the hell out of me.


Yeah, I am cheating this weekend and playing Neptunia Virtual Stars from Idea Factory, a game that’s not out for Steam and PS4 in North America until next week. The latest in the tongue-in-cheek Hyperdimension Neptunia series, it follows the four console goddesses as they attempt to save the planet Emote, located in Virtualand, from content destroyers. There are third-person shooter battles, melee battles, rhythm battles, and cameos from real-life Vtubers. It’s a whole thing.

This is the first game in the series without an English dub, which is throwing me off a little. Also, it is batshit, which is a little disorienting. Hopefully, I’ll sort it all out in time to tell you about it early next week.

Or I could give up and just copy whatever it is you folks are playing this weekend. Tell us, dammit!

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I’ve been slowly getting through FF6 on the 3DS, mostly 30 minutes at a time on my lunch breaks. The opera house was a lot of fun, and now I’m somewhat lost after flying to the next continent.

I’ve also started and played through chapter 1 of Danganronpa. It freaks me out way more than I expected (and I’ve been through games like the Zero Escape series, which were amazing but also uncomfortable at times). If it weren’t for the graphics being cartoony and low res (and also that pink blood), I don’t think I’d be able to handle it...

...buuuuut, I do want to know what happens in the story, so I’m gonna start chapter 2 this weekend.