What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Pure puzzle chaos.
Pure puzzle chaos.
Screenshot: Sega

This weekend is about getting my children to tell me what they want for Christmas beyond “a toy.” It’s also about not putting Cyberpunk screenshots where you’d expect them, like in a “What are you playing this weekend?” post.


While I probably will partake of some of that punking of the cyber variety this weekend, what I really want to do is figure out Puyo Puyo once and for all, so I no longer panic when I have to play the non-blocky bits of Puyo Puyo Tetris 2. I know how Tetronimos work. I know how to do me a Tetris. I have very little knowledge of how to properly set up combos in Puyo Puyo, however. That all changes this weekend, probably.

How about you folks? Everybody playing Cyberpunk?

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No Cyberpunk at all for me. I’ll be checking out the new stuff in Animal Crossing, AC Valhalla, and maybe Destiny 2 for the first time ever.